Design of Fork-shaped Multiband Monopole antenna using defected ground structure


A Fork-shaped Multiband Monopole Antenna is proposed for wireless applications. The antenna structure consists of a Fork-shaped patch and partial ground with a modified-T slot in it known as defected ground structure. The antenna is fed by Micro strip line. The effects of dimensional parameters on the performance of the antenna have been investigated through a parametric study. The antenna performance is validated through measurement, including its Return Loss, VSWR and Radiation patterns. The designed antenna operates over frequency ranges 1.21-1.29 GHz, 3.65-3.94 GHz, 5.0-5.20 GHz suitable for wireless applications with good Return Loss. The proposed antenna has dimensions of 48.64×57.23×1.6 mm3. There is improvement in the results compared to antenna with DGS than that of antenna without DGS.


5 Figures and Tables

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