Visualization is a State of Mind

  • Maarten van Dantzich
  • Published 1997 in Workshop on New Paradigms in Information Visualization and Manipulation


1. ABSTRACT WC claim that Information Visualization (IV) is not so much an application area as a mindset: we can think of ordinary applications as visualizations to gain a fresh perspective on their design, In addition, we can improve our visualizations by paying attention to lessons learned in general UI design. Information access tasks call for such a new design approach, We will give some examples below. Furthermore, our mindset strongly shapes work done in the field: if we consider presenting information not just through graphics but also through other channels, visualization can be much richer, The fact that we call it visualization has a limiting effect; we propose to broaden the field. 1.1 I<EYWORDS Design techniques, Information retrieval, Visualization, Audio input/output, Graphical user-interfaces


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